Heaven and Nature Sing

Advent Worship Series

“Joy to the World,” a beloved Christmas classic, 

turns 300 years old this year. 

Hymn writer Isaac Watt’s interpretation of Psalm 98 invites us to sing a “new song”–and it is a powerful cosmic performance of all creation being renewed and freed. Rather than “joy” being yet another word for “happiness,” we will discover that the depths of joy can be found especially in the midst of suffering, the work of justice, and the presence of compassion–all part of the coming of Jesus to this world and a message the world still so desperately needs. 

Celebrate the 300th anniversary of the composition of the popular Christmas hymn, "Joy to the World."

Featuring full scripts for worship with original liturgy by Dr. Marcia McFee, original music by composer Chuck Bell, children's time ideas from Mark Burrows, and much more, this series is sure to help you bring good news and great joy

to your congregation this year!

Here is what is included:

• Seven fully-scripted worship experiences, including all words, congregational music suggestions and tips for flow and timing (all adaptable to your context)

• Scripts for children's time

• Original Introit and Benediction music 

• Suggestions for organ, handbell and piano pieces

(suggested cantata, "Joy Has Dawned," from Hope Publishers that compliments the theme)

• Visual and Media Ideas

• Take-home pages for family or small group activities

• Sermon fodder and Small group study suggestions

*** New this year (2020) is our new website platform which allows you to crowdsource with Dr. McFeeAND with other churches who are also doing this series.We will be actively considering how to adapt for online and adapted in-person worship in this time of pandemic***

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about the content of the worship series!

Dr. Marcia McFee has been known for creating deeply meaningful and memorable worship for over 20 years. In her Worship Design Studio online coaching website, subscribers have access to 11+ years of worship series with ideas for every Sunday, designed specifically for mainline Protestant churches with a variety of worship styles.

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Not only does Dr. McFee design these series, she also wants to help you learn about the design concepts she implements that have proven to be ways to enhance worship no matter your church's size or style of worship. Every series comes with a "Get-Ready Webinar" where you can come on live or watch the recording in order to get help for implementing our suggestions and also adapting for your context. EVEN IF YOU HAVEN'T PURCHASED THE SERIES YET, come on to see more about what the content will be! Click the video below to watch the recording of the get-ready webinar Marcia hosted with special guest appearances from Mark Burrows on children in worship and Chuck Bell on music.

Friends, when does the 300th anniversary of a beloved hymn like this come around? Not often! And it seemed like such an important message for our time, I was inspired to create a way for congregations to explore how to ACCESS their joy even in the face of adversity and CREATE more joy in the world around them. I hope you will join us this year!

Peace and Passion, 

Dr. Marcia McFee

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